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What arrows should be used with Excalibur Crossbows?

We recommend Excalibur arrows because using manufacturer recommended arrows will always cover your bases when it comes to any potential warranty claim.  Excalibur arrows are produced by Easton and are very high quality arrows.  We have done extensive testing with them and believe they are the best arrows for Excalibur crossbows.  Matrix Series crossbows use 18" Diablo Arrows.  Excalibur Micro crossbows use 16.5" Quill Arrows.  All other Excalibur Crossbows use 20" Firebolt Arrows.  

There are many types of nocks out on the market from flat nocks, full capture nocks, Omni-Nocks, to moon nocks.  Excalibur recommends using flat nocks with their crossbows because flat nocks provide constant string contact and there is no way to index the arrow incorrectly.  Another advantage of Excalibur's arrows are the rear insert that is installed.  This insert allows you use the Excalibur T-Handle Arrow Puller to easily remove your arrow from any target.  

What is the effective range of a crossbow?

This is a tricky question because it really depends on the ability of the shooter. Like a compound bow, most Excalibur Crossbows possess the energy to kill a whitetail at 60 yards. However, the average shooter, with a compound or crossbow, simply do not have the ability to shoot consistently enough to kill game at that distance. Due to ability and the thickness of cover, most whitetails are taken at around 30 yards and effective killing range is about 40 yards for most shooters.

Should I release tension on the limbs of my Excalibur Crossbow during the offseason?

It is not required but relaxing the limbs of your Excalibur Crossbow will extend the life of the crossbow.  You simply use the Excalibur Stringing Aid to take tension off the string, remove the string, then let the limbs go back down.  When you're ready to shoot again reverse this process.  If the strings are digging into your string suppressors or not lining up with the timing marks on the flight deck of the crossbow, take the tension back off the string and add four or five twists to the string.  

How often should a crossbow string be changed?

Excalibur recommends changing the strings and cables every three years under normal conditions.  The string will stretch over time and should be changed. We recommend using genuine Excalibur strings.