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African/ Exotics Targets / Pro Series African Leopard / Item #: DMAE-001

Pro Series African Leopard

Nothing will add a sense of adventure to your range like the Delta Pro 3D African Leapard

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Price: $399.99

Product Description

Nothing will add a sense of adventure to your range like the Pro 3D African Leopard. Pro 3D targets are built with the highest possible quality. Pro 3D targets are tournament tested at Archery Clubs, Archery Pro Shops, and 3D Events all over the world. Pro 3D targets are for archers that want quick and easy arrow removal. The E-Z Flex cores make high quality targets economical to use, since the core can be replaced at fraction of the cost of a new target.

Product Features

  • Most advanced foam in the Target Industry
  • Replaceable mid-sections designed for longer target life
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Universal scoring system
  • Simplified dovetail assembly for easy put up and take down

Product Specifications



Recommended Tips

  • Broadheads
  • Field Points
  • Mechanical

Speed: Up to 350

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